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Motherhood Reflections

Dear Courtney, Alex, Claire and Oliver,

This weekend is Mother's Day and I can't help but think about my journey as your mother. When I became a mom I was so terrified of the silliest thing. I was worried about taking Courtney out in public in her stroller and forgetting I had a baby and walking away from her. Update, she's still here. I didn't lose her anywhere.

With Courtney turning 18 this summer I am more worried about, did I do a good job? Have I taught them the right things? Will they come home to visit me?

I have learned a lot about motherhood in the last 18 years. It's all because of you my dear children. I have learned what it feels like to wear my heart outside of my chest. I have learned what heartache is for someone else. I have learned that the smallest hand in mine is the greatest feeling.

The sound of the four of you laughing is the most incredible sound to my ears. I will do anything I can to hear it.

I want you to know that the four of you are my greatest achievement in this world, and knowing that you all are mine forever is the best part. I love you each for who you are, who you will become and who you were.

Courtney, you're my best friend.

Alex, you're my favorite little boy.

Claire, you're the best little girl.

Oliver, you're my best buddy.



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