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Mother’s Day Brunch DIY

A lot of my friends are still a little bit wary of going out and shopping, and their husbands aren’t sure what to do for them for Mother’s Day. Unless you planned ahead and ordered in April, your gift probably won’t make it on time. A lot of companies have been putting priority on things that are essential to taking care of people.

I thought it would be helpful to have a Mother’s Day Brunch DIY for you to put together yourself so that you still get to enjoy the holiday without feeling let down. I know for me a pretty table, delicious food, and something that is relaxing is perfect for me.

Over at The Party Collab are Mother’s Day Boxes that will include stuff to make your table look amazing for Mother’s Day. They don’t include plates and cups, but everything else is provided! Plus they come in setting for 4, 6 or 8!

I love the idea of brunch on Mother’s Day. Maybe because it is always full of delectable foods. I created a little menu you can use for ideas for your own Mother’s Day Brunch.

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