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Making Your Home Cozy

One thing I love about this time of year is feeling super cozy in my home. I love to have the fireplace going, candles burning and the lights dimmed. I put blankets on all the couches and chairs and pull out more pillows.

I love candles. They make your space more intimate and give off a subtle light that you don’t need to turn on overhead lights. Last year I bought some candles at Walmart that they don’t have this year, the scent was soft and mild, they were in pretty copper bowls and lasted all season. A few weeks ago I was over at Chelsey’s home to record some podcast episodes and she had Leaves by Bath and Body Works… It smelled so good. So I made my way over and purchased some for my home.

For blankets I love anything heavy this time of year. I have a blanket that I got about 20 years ago, it was woven by the Amish and it is the most neutral yellow ever. It is warm, soft and perfect. I have a Minky Couture blanket that my sister gave me for my birthday, NO ONE better touch it! I also have blankets from Costco that are similar to minky blankets, and some blankets from Ikea. All of them get used all fall through winter. Nothing makes me feel more cozy than when I have a blanket tucked around me while I watch a movie.

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