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Making Mother's Day Special

When I think about Mother's Day I often think about flowers and homemade cards. I think about coming out of my bedroom to a clean house and smiling children.

Is that a pipe-dream? Possibly.

But here are somethings that can be done to make the holiday special for all the women (whether or not they have born children) in your life.

  1. Cards: If you are buying for someone who is sentimental, a card is always a good idea. She will love that you took the time to find a card and write her something. I always treasure cards from my friends and loved ones.

  2. Small Gift: When I want to show someone I am thinking about them, I will do a small gift. (And a card) I try to pick something that I know they will love, something in their favorite color and something I know will put a smile on their face.

  3. Home Baked Goods: if you can say no to home baked goods, I applaud you. However, I cannot. And if you were to show up at my door with a plate of cookies, you would be invited in and we would sit and visit over those cookies together. In my mind, cookies are the only thing you need when you want to visit with me.

  4. Pedicures & Manicures: Take her to get pampered. Taking someone to get a pedicure and a manicure is like giving a hug. One, you get to spend time together. Two, you get to get pampered. And three, you get a mani and pedi too!

  5. Watch Her Kids: She is tired, and she has a really good book she wants to read. Take her kids and give her the gift of free time. Give her express instructions that she is to relax and not clean her home. Take care of herself and fill her own bucket.

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