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It's Ladies Night!

This is so exciting! When it comes to gathering women, I yearn for it. I love to be in the presence of women who are uplifting, motivated, encouraging (let me straighten your crown please) and fun!

I have started several women's mastermind and networking groups. I love them. And I have missed them the last couple of years. And I remember my friend Jordan saying one time, I made the party I wanted happen. So, I am putting it out in the universe that I want to dedicate time to being with other women and creating space for relationships and friendships to grow.

My First Ladies Night is January 25 at 7pm in Pleasant Grove and I would love for you to come and enjoy some time to meet new friends, connect with new friends and enjoy some easy time out. It is super informal, come as you are, light refreshments will be served, and recover from the holidays!

Just so I can get an idea to plan with (because, you know, I am a planner!) if you are coming please fill THIS FORM out for me!

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