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How to Work With an Event Planner

As I have worked as an event planner I have witnessed a lot of different things. I have seen disasters, I have seen incredible events without (or so it seems) a hitch. If you saw Monday's post on WHY you should hire an event planner and have decided you want to hire one one but are unsure of how to work with one look no further.

When you hire a planner here are some key things they will want to know. And you having those answers will help them help you the most.

Date, Location

I feel like this goes without saying. Your event planner will need to know the date of your event. They will need to be able to put it on their calendar. Location is a little more flexible, if you don't have a venue for the event then they can help with that as well. Knowing where you want the event to be held is super helpful.


Knowing your budget will help the planner know how much money your event has to work within. It will help them to make recommendations for vendors as well. When you know your budget and you let you planner know they can also be the voice of reason on if something works for your event or if it will be too much of the budget.

I can't tell you how many people have reached out wanting to know my price. I don't have a price. I do a consult with you and get your budget and come up with options that you can choose from inside of that budget.

Already Planned

If you have started the planning process and are feeling overwhelmed and decide you need a planner, they will need to know what you already have in place. This can lower the price, but don't expect it to. Having everything ready for them to take notes and add to their lists is super helpful.

What You Want From Them

If you want an event planner to take over the day of the event to coordinate everything so you can get ready and be present, let them know.

If you want someone who is helping you with every step of the way, let them know.

If you want a mix of a little help with planning and mostly day of coordination, let them know.

Be very direct on what you would like from you planner because that will help determine the cost. If they send you a contract with their responsibilities listed and you sign it then ask them for more than the contract has, you possibly will get a bigger bill than you thought.

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