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How To Set The Table

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Last week we talked about creating a holiday tablescape, now we need to know how to set the table! Most people put something together in their head, but did you know there is a correct way to do this? Let's learn together!


  1. Placemat. This is the base of your place setting. It anchors the setting to the table.

  2. Charger. I love a charger. I own several different styles and think they add something to every table.

  3. Dinner Plate. This is smaller than a charger, but bigger than the salad plate.

  4. Salad Plate. This is the smallest of the plates in this pile. On top of the salad plate you can put a bowl if there will be soup. But it is not required.

  5. Fork. Your fork will go on the left side of the plates.

  6. Knife. Place your knife with the serrated side toward your plates on the right.

  7. Spoon. To the right of the knife.

Here's where things get tricky/creative. You can go several routes. You will need to decide how you want your napkin displayed on your table.

Scroll to see different napkin placements I like.

Drop Fold: I like to place the napkin between the dinner plate and salad plate, dropped over the side down to the table. I have seen it placed under the charger dropped over the side of the table.

Resting: This is when you have the napkin resting on top of the plates. I will add to it with a name card, a piece of greenery, tied with a little twine. You get the idea.

Knot Fold: I think this one is so pretty, I just don't do it. It's more work and I am lazy. The end.

Placed in Glass: I have seen this done and think it is cool, but again, in order for it to look good it's work and I am lazzzzzyyyy.

Depending on where you want to put your napkin will depend where in setting the table outline it goes. Now you can have a pretty table for tomorrow!

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