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Happy Birthday, Scott + Oliver

Yep. They get a joint post this year! Let me tell you what. Birthdays are so FUN!

Scott's birthday was first, and I really enjoyed putting something easy together for him. We had presents. We had brownies, not cake. It was a surprise party. Complete with a piñata!

Scott was surprised. We all hid and wore party hats waiting for him to arrive home. Thank you Ring Doorbell. He walked in and looked around. Saw the decor and we jumped up and said "SURPRISE!" The little kids loved it! Scott and I then went out to dinner and enjoyed some time together.

Oliver is obsessed with Spiderman, so no party was complete without him as the decor/theme. Ollie even got out his costume and wore it the whole party. He was so impressed by the surprise we gave Scott that he insisted we hide and yell surprise for him when he walked in the room. We sang to him and I loved the way he got a shy smile on his face.

He's singing "Happy Birthday" to himself!

I really love these two boys of mine. They bring a lot of fun in to my life and I know I am happier with them as mine.

*keeping it real: I also sent this text to Scott "Good gravy. I am ready to find Oliver a new mother." "I am sorry he is hard" "He is very hard. I am not enjoying him currently"

This is a short season, but it has been a hard season the last week. I look forward to enjoying him more.

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