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Fatherhood Is

I don’t even know how to write this post without getting emotional. Scott is hands down the most amazing human I know. When we were dating he could have ran away fast at the thought of having two bonus kids. Scott didn’t run. He embraced it. He made sure that he loved Courtney and Alex before he committed to marrying me.

Scott is so patient, kind, funny, imaginative, adventurous, and the most loving. The day Scott became a father to his own child is something I will treasure. Seeing him hold his first baby, and his second baby made me fall more in love with him. I am so grateful that I was able to see those tender moments in his life.

A dad’s love is regardless. Scott loves our children regardless of their shortcomings, messes, tantrums or long nights. I am grateful to have such an amazing man raising my children along side me.

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