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Disneyland: Planning a Trip

In July we were planning a trip to DISNEYLAND! I have only been once in my whole life. 5 years ago. And already everything has changed. What worked then won’t work now.

We have an AirBnB scheduled so we can have space for the kids to play, to make food and not feeling like we are on top of each other. I cannot suggest AirBnB enough. We had one in Paris a few years ago, and it really makes it feel more relaxing.

We have 3 day park hopper passes. At least Oliver is FREE. Woohoo! I am so excited to see the little kids at Disneyland. I have downloaded the Disneyland App to do Maxpasses.

I have been working on which park we want to do on each day, but I am not sure. Do we want to do Disneyland, California Adventure, then Disneyland again? What do you do when you go? PLEASE help a girl out.

We are planning on doing Breakfast with the Princesses with Claire one morning, I guess that will dictate which park we go to on which day. But for the third day would you split it between both parks or pick one park over the other??

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