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Creating Traditions: Thanksgiving

I know. I know. I talk about this each holiday. My hope is to spark some idea for you to find traditions in your family to create together.

By some gracious gift I get to have Courtney and Alex home for Thanksgiving this year. It is expensive to fly to their dad's this time of year for a couple of days. So they spent fall break with him instead.

This year would be a traditional year with Scott's family for the holiday, but his mom is having surgery earlier that week and said she isn't going to cook or host. We are on our own. And I am ok with that. My brother and his family will come over and we will eat all the delicious foods.

Here are some things I love to do on Thanksgiving:

  1. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: I watch it while I make food. Do not interrupt the show. It's tradition!

  2. Cinnamon Rolls: I make them for breakfast. They aren't from scratch. They are the store bought Pillsbury ones that take 15 minutes and make everyone happy. My kids have come to love knowing that they will get a yummy breakfast and I love that they don't come in the kitchen!

  3. Games: We have started to add games to our post-lunch pre-dinner experience. It kills time perfectly. We love Cover Your Assets. We have two decks so we can play with more people. Last year we played Among Us (it's on your phone) and if you haven't heard of it, that's a little sus. We also enjoy a lot of the Jack Box TV games we found on the Amazon FireStick.

  4. Dessert: I always make Freezer Pumpkin Pie. And I always take out a mincemeat pie for my Father-in-Law. It's his favorite.

I also enjoy setting my table pretty and dressing festive for dinner. What is a tradition you have?

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