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Creating Traditions: Halloween

It's the time of year again when traditions start to be on our minds. And while you don't have to have a holiday to have a tradition, they also tend to go hand in hand. We have our little traditions for our family that I love and want to always have in my life.

I have talked about the reason traditions are important before. They create a sense of belonging. They create a memory to pass down. They create bonds within families.

I love traditions that start and continue through generations. With Halloween there are some traditions that everyone has like Trick-or-Treating. And then there are others that are personal and family traditions. Here are some ideas for your Halloween. (And if you haven't started any, now is the time to start!)


  • Trick- or -Treat

  • Pumpkin Carving/Painting

  • Family Party - Assign adults to different rooms with doors and let the kids get dressed up and go trick-or-treating

  • Pick the same dinner for before trick-or-treating (I do a taco soup and cornbread)

  • Corn Maze

  • Making your own costumes

  • Family Costumes

  • Creating a spooky (but not scary) ally walk through for guests trick-or-treating

  • Girls Night Out: Witches Night Out

Anything that you can do together as a family that will create a memory to last a lifetime is what a tradition is.

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