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Creating Traditions: Christmas

Can you EVEN believe it is December?! I can't. However, I love this month and all the traditions and memories.

I would love to know some of yours, please comment below and share some.

If you don't really have any traditions yet, let this be a guide for you to find some to try. And the first year, it isn't a tradition, but every year after it is. And when you find something you love, stick with it.

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.


  • Bake Cookies: I have about 6 different cookie recipes I will spend a day making and sharing with friends.

  • Winston Advent Books: I saw that Winston has two books and I immediately purchased the second one. I love that there is a chapter to read and an activity each night from December 1-24.

  • Advent Calendars: You know, the chocolate ones from the grocery store. Perfect tradition that doesn't cost a lot or take a lot of thought.

  • Christmas Lights: Drive around one evening, listening to Christmas Music and see all the pretty lights. I promise if you have younger kids they will think this is the most magical thing.

  • Christmas Pajamas: I love doing this, however I really am not great at it. I love the idea of matching, but I don't think Scott would love wearing pink Christmas themed pajamas. This year we have matching for the girls, Scott and Alex are matching and Oliver got Disney pjs. I have seen people give them Christmas Eve with a movie and treats, I see people doing them the 1st of December, or Thanksgiving night. Do what you want! Or if you forget, make it up as you go.

  • Breakfast: We always have the same breakfast on Christmas morning. My kids have always known we do cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning (this has not branched out to most holidays, which is fine!)

  • Christmas Dinner: I saw a thread on Facebook years ago about what people do for Christmas dinner and I was surprised with the responses. In my mind its a holiday (and holidays are always food celebrations for me) so you have a big meal. So many do simple Christmas dinners of pizza, subs, tacos, cereal. I was floored. This makes so much sense to me now. Make the day happy, chill and relaxed. Spend time with the family not slaving over a stove!

There are a few things you can do. I have written about this in the past here.

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