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Be The Perfect Guest

Have you ever wondered what you should do when invited to a party, gathering, social function?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

When I was an Army Wife I had classes to go to for etiquette. Yep. We learned how to do all the things the Army Wives do and look good doing it. I also have a book that I adore, however it is no longer in print. But I will share some photos for you here. Another resource is by the military itself.

As someone who hosts events and plans events here are some things I have seen in my life that have been a huge hit, are part of etiquette and just help you to be the perfect invite to any party.

Hostess Gift

Always show up with a gift in hand for the hostess (or host). It can be a bottle of wine (if appropriate), a candle, designer chocolate, holiday specific treats. Anything that would go well with the food being served or to help serve food for a later party.

The key is to never show up without a gift. Anything is better than nothing.


The first thing you do after being welcomed in the home is compliment it. From "your home is lovely" to "I love the colors you have decorated with". Even noticing something new in the home.

And then offer to help put food out, set the table or help her or ask where you would be most useful.

Knowing When To Leave

When your hostess (or host) starts doing these things it is time to say goodbyes.

  • Starts cleaning up

  • Turning on ALL the lights

  • Turns off music

  • Offering to schedule an Uber for those who have had too much to drink.

  • Stops offering more food or drinks for the last hour.

  • Coats and purses have made their way from the back to nearby.

  • Stands near the door and thanks everyone for coming.

If you see any of these things graciously find your coat and purse, go straight to the hostess and thank her for having you, you had a wonderful time and you'd like to get together again sometime, then leave.

Post Party

Within 48 hours write a thank you note and put it in the mail to your hostess. She will love having a piece of mail to remind her of the memories you shared earlier in the week. I love thank you notes, I love to give and get them.

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