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Back to School

I cannot believe that my kids are back to school!  Courtney started 9th grade! Alex is the king of the castle in 6th grade!

I am so grateful to have good kids who understand the need for routines.  The big kids both thrive off one. They both understand what time is and how to manage it.  I appreciate that I can tell them what time we are leaving to go somewhere and I don’t have to remind them to get shoes on, or get their bag, I don’t have to fight them on any of it.  Having a two (almost three) year old is a different thing! Luckily I think she will follow suit on the routines.

As a mom time is essential.  Having teens, a toddler and an infant I have learned to give myself an extra half hour to get out the door.  If we have something at 10 that we normally would leave at 9:30 for I tell myself we need to be out the door at 9 so that I have wiggle room to really get out the door on time.  I trick myself and make it so that there is time for the random hold ups.

Happy first day of school!

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