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At Home Valentines Date

I am well aware that for the last year we have been doing more at-home dates than ever. However, I feel like making an effort to make Valentine’s special will be good for all of us! Here are a few ideas:

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

  1. Mystery Dinner: Head over to The Party Collab and sign up for their freebie Mystery Dinner. I have thought of a few ways to adapt this. It’s geared toward families, but you could totally pick out your favorite foods and then have each of you mix up what each menu item means and serve each other.

  2. The Classic: Take out. Get your favorite take out. Set the table fancy, light a few candles, get dressed up and have a wonderful dinner in. Put your favorite rom-com on after while you cuddle in front of the fire.

  3. The Creative: Get with your person, surf Pinterest for a meal you have never made before. Gather all the ingredients and make a new meal together. Follow the above with candles, fancy table and getting dressed up.

  4. The Inclusive: Get a few of your favorite friends over for a big meal. Then play some games. Some of our favorites are Cover Your Assets, That’s What She Said (this one is a lot risqué), Pun Intended and UpWords.

  5. The Genius: My friend Jaycee recently celebrated her wedding anniversary. And she came up with the most amazing date idea I have heard in a long time. They went to Target. They each had a budget. And for each year they have been married, they split up the years. And then they separated. Each person was supposed to purchase something that represented that year in their relationship. Isn’t that darling???? You could do the same thing!

What are you planning for your date?

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