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A Night Routine For Success Tomorrow

I wish I could say that my night routine came as easily and with as much inspiration as my morning routine. But it hasn’t. It has been the last 2-ish years that I have really felt the need to get in to a better evening routine.

When Oliver was born I was in a fog. Having a 4th baby was a huge transition for me. I wasn’t sleeping, I had a toddler and a baby that was needy plus two teens! I was doing car pool for the junior high and trying to go and do things with the littles in the mornings.

If you know Jaycee of Mind Body Kitchen then you will know that she talks a lot about putting the house to bed. I didn’t know it, but at the time I was starting to institute this principle at my house.

Here is a version of my evening routine:

  1. 6pm: Dinner, bath little kids

  2. 7pm: Oliver to bed

  3. 7:10pm: Clean up dinner, do dishes, wipe counters

  4. 8pm: Claire to bed

  5. 8:05pm: Clean up toys, tidy up, check purse and/or diaper bag for things needed the next morning and get them ready.

  6. Check the calendar for the next day’s appointments and must dos. I also will write my to-do list. If something didn’t get checked off today it is moved to tomorrow. My Monday’s have the longest list and by the end of the week everything has a checked box.

  7. RELAX

These times are fairly fluid for us. Sometimes dinner is earlier, or we let the kids stay up and watch a family show. But I still make sure that these things get done each night. I also have an amazing husband who puts kids to bed while I am doing the night time routine. It helps to have a clean kitchen when I wake up. If I have an early morning appointment my bags are ready to go.

When Claire started preschool last year it really helped to have her clothes ready for her to put on the next morning. I started doing it for Oliver as well just to help us get out the door quickly and without issue… And by without issue I mean, I don’t have to pick out his clothes in the morning.

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