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A Blanket Ladder

In my amazon basket has been this (ad link)book.  I couldn’t tell you how long it has been hanging out in the “save for later” part of my cart.  Last week it made its way in to my cart and to my home. As soon as the postman delivered it I was flipping through the pages.  There are so many cute DIY projects.  Most of them look quick and easy.  When Scott saw me looking through it he asked what it was.  And then I showed him the VERY first project they had listed.  It was a blanket ladder.  I loved it.

To order this book, click HERE (ad link)

We have a big wall in our home that also has a vaulted ceiling. When we repainted the walls a few months ago I decided to take time and really pick out decor that was classic.  Nothing that would be dated quickly.  When I saw this blanket ladder I knew it was something that would help with the wall decor and breaking up the height, plus it was timeless!  Win, win, win

Scott liked the ladder as well and we determined it would not cost very much to make.  The wood cost us $6.  We already had wood glue.  We did have to buy nails for the nail gun, if we were to cost those out I think it would be $.75 for nails.  We bought another container of stain since our other stain mix was running low.  So $1 for stain.  And we had to run to Joann’s for the rope since what I already had was too thin for the project. I had a 60% off coupon so the rope was $2.50 total for the whole roll, which we still have a TON left over.  So around $10 for the whole project.  Can you believe it?

I love the way it turned out. Now to find at least one more blanket to go on the ladder… Maybe my mom will crochet a gorgeous blanket to rest on it?

Do you have a DIY project that you love the way it turned out and want to share????

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