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3 Days in NYC Itinerary

As you know, Courtney is 18 and I took her on a fun trip for her birthday. We went to NYC for a long birthday weekend. We arrived Friday night and were there until Monday afternoon, so not a full 3 days but dang close!

Prior to leaving I had created a shared note for everyone that was going with us. Courtney had found her "must-sees" and I had a few, plus I am sure everyone else did too. This note consisted of places to eat, places to see along with addresses and a spot with things that are close together.

We hit a lot of things on the list, however it was also fun to wander around and just enjoy the city on our way to things. here's how our trip shaped up:


  • Arrive at JFK Airport, get on the subway.

  • Check in to hotel, search Times Square for slice pizza.

  • Eat pizza

  • Stare in wonder at the giant TVs in Times Square.


  • Breakfast at Angelina Paris

  • Subway to Financial District

  • 9-11 Memorial (cry a lot)

  • Piece of Berlin Wall

  • Trinity Church & Alexander Hamilton's Grave

  • Walk to Battery Park

  • Ride the Sea Glass Carousel

  • See the Statue of Liberty from far

  • Head back to Times Square

  • Get Lunch

  • Rest at hotel, shop in Times Square

  • Little Italy for dinner (my life has been changed)

  • Found Rice to Riches (Crazy Rich Asians movie)

  • Back to hotel and to bed


  • Brunch at Tavern on the Green

  • Walk through Central Park (ok, fine, just a small corner of it.)

  • Shop at Gucci

  • St. Patricks Cathedral

  • Shopping at Kate Spade

  • Walk through Rockefeller Center

  • Magnolia Bakery

  • Break at Hotel

  • Museum of Ice Cream

  • Dinner at Juniors (of course we got cheesecake!)

  • Back to hotel for packing up


  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Wander to Angelina Paris again (Needed to bring back more hot chocolate for myself)

  • Stop at Pandora for a new charm for the trip

  • Wander Times Square

  • Get in van for ride to airport

I would have loved to see a show while we were there, however they weren't back open as NYC had just reopened and a lot was still closed. Broadway has started rehearsing after over a year apart and will open in September. This trip was so perfect as we took the city at our own pace and really enjoyed it. The couple of friends who joined us that had been there before said they had not seen it so empty in their life, and it was much dirtier than they had ever seen. It was interesting for sure. It felt like the perfect visit though because it wasn't so crowded.

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